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Урок английского языка в 4 "A" классе по теме "итоговый тест по чтению"

Раздел - Чтение. 
Прочитай текст и выполни задание.
This is George. He lived in Africa. He was a good little monkey and always very curious1.
One day George saw a man. The man had a large yellow hat on. He saw George too.
“What a nice little monkey”, he thought. “I would like to take him home with me.” He put his hat on the ground. George was curious: he came down from the tree to look at the large yellow hat.
George thought: “It is nice to have it on my head”. He picked it up and put it on. The hat covered2 George’s head. He couldn’t see. The man picked him quickly and put into the bag. George was caught3.
1 curious [‘kjuəri əs] – любопытный
2 cover [‘k٨və] – покрывать, закрывать
3 was caught [k:t] – был пойман

В каждом задании (1–10) обведи букву (a, b, c или d), соответствующую выбранному тобой варианту ответа. Занеси ответы в таблицу. 

1. Who was George?
a) a dog                     
b) a kitten                  
c) a monkey               
d) a parrot

2. Where did George live?
a) in Russia                
b) in Africa                
c) in America 
d) in England

3. What kind of monkey was George?
a) big                         
b) bad                        
c) curious                   
d) angry
4. Who did George see one day?
a) a girl                      
b) a boy                     
c) a woman                
d) a man

5. What did the man have on?                       6. What did he want to do with the monkey?
a) a read cap                                                               a) to take him home
b) a yellow hat                                                            b) to take him to the shop    
c) a black coat                                                             c) to take him to school       
d) a grey suit                                                               d) to take him to the party

7. Where did the man put his hat?
a) on the bag                         
b) into the box
c) on the car                                      
d) on the ground
8.Why did George come down from the tree?        
            a) to buy the hat
b) to take a look at the hat
c) to play with the hat                       
d) to try on the hat

9. What did George do with the hat?
           a)he picked it up and gave it to his friend      
b) he picked it up and put it on the man
c) he picked it up and gave it to the man
d) he picked it up and put it on

10. What did the hat cover?
a) George’s hair                                
b) George’s head
c) the man’s head                              
d) the man’s hair


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 Each student has to learn it by heart. Let's do it)))

Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs that are usually used
as gifts on the occasion of Easter or springtime celebration.
paschal candlestick — пасхальный подсвечник   
paschal egg — яйцо пасхальное; писанка   
paschal eggs — пасхальные яйца   
paschal tables — пасхалии; пасхалия   
paschal vigil — пасхальная служба